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A-Pac was designed by an anti-aging specialist medical doctor, a nutritionist, and a bodybuilder. It is a special nutritional powder blend that you add to your current protein drink, smoothie, or juice. That's it. It goes to work inside you to awaken your muscles while rejuvenating you. You recover from workouts faster and build muscle quicker. It's the secret ingredient that turns on your body's after-burners so you get the results you want FAST. This is a non-steroidal formula that works great for both men and woman without affecting hormone levels.

A-Pac was designed by Dr. Marc Gitterle, physician and anti-aging specialist; Jeff Sargent, a nutritonist / inventor / former owner of a health food store; and Joe Vitale, who lost 80 pounds, entered five fitness contests, and is now called the Charles Atlas of the Internet. Together they formed Frontier Nutrional Research, and will offer A-Pac as a 30-day supply.